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“I created a GRF template...

...for whatever data I want (prod/inj) on history matching and prediction runs. After adding any final customization touches, I just apply to GRF & sip a coffee as all the plots are generated.”

Firrdaus Romeli
Senior Reservoir Engineer, ADCO, UAE

“We have been using S3GRAF for around three years...

...and find it very powerful and cost effective post processor tool. The software is flexible and integrates well with our simulation software outputs and Windows operating environment. It is also intuitive enough for occasional users to pick up and use quickly. The Science soft support team are excellent, they are very accessible, listen and understand our issues and have always provided quick real time solutions.”

Ernie Edwards
Operations Director, Bridge Energy, UK

S3GRAF seems to have every conceivable feature needed...

...for any field development project. Coupled with S3control these tools have increased our engineering efficiency significantly, as well as having streamlined our QC/results interpretation process. More specifically, the ability to run a suite of reservoir simulation sensitivities from a central control station, graphing and altering saturation tables from the data file, the instant keyword lookup function, and having a pre-processing validation/error checking function are things I could have done with a long time ago. For the two years we have been using the product we have received impeccable technical support, both software-related and face-to-face training.”

Andrew Donnelly
Reservoir Engineer, Iona Energy Ltd, UK

“Very intuitive, fast, able to handle large grids...

...S3GRAF is the post-processor we use for all our 3D reservoir modelling studies. Arbitrary cross-sections through grids and the ability to link grids so multiple 3D parameters can be displayed simultaneously are key features and make the tool stand out. The reactivity and expertise of the Sciencesoft support team is also a plus worth mentioning.”

Aymeric Lozet
Senior Petroleum Engineer, Kris Energy, Singapore

“Senergy have worked with Sciencesoft for a long time now ...

...and their products play an important role in many of our workflows. We like the fact that we can bring our experience of projects and our clients’ requirements to influence both the development of new Sciencesoft packages and the refinement of existing ones. This aspect of our relationship is unique within our software providers and we particulary value that.”

Dr Iain Morrison
VP Technical, Senergy, UK

“This is the best software ...

... for plotting histories I have ever used!”

Mike Shook
Owner, Mike Shooks & Associates, USA

S3GRAF is the primary reservoir simulation post-processing tool...

...for ODIN Reservoir Consultants. We selected S3GRAF because it meets our criteria for a good software product; it’s easy to use, it has excellent functionality and great user support. Sciencesoft software support is excellent and is delivered promptly. More importantly, they listen to their customers”

David Lim
Principal Reservoir Engineer & Director, Odin Reservoir Consultants Pty, Australia

“I like working with S3GRAF ...

...because it is a very smart and user-friendly software for analysing simulation results. It offers nice functionalities to load data and make plots in a fast and flexible way. My favourite is using GRF batch files.”

Anja Junker
Senior Engineer Reservoir Simulation, RWE Dea Norge As, Norway

S3GRAF provides a way to post process your ECLIPSE data that is generally faster...

...more flexible and more customizable than the traditionally available software. With a more modern GUI and the ability to handle the largest ECLIPSE output files I can throw at it, I would recommend S3GRAF for any ECLIPSE simulation reservoir engineer.”

Dan de Verteuil
International Oil & Gas Operator, Australia

Reservoir Simulation Suite

Sciencesoft’s Reservoir Simulation Suite of products helps engineers analyse the results from reservoir simulators by quickly producing 3D images of a company’s oil or gas field, enabling engineers to make multi-million dollar field planning and development decisions. Reservoir simulators are the main prediction tools used by engineers in petroleum companies to forecast for future oil and gas production.

The Reservoir Simulation Suite consists of:



















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