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Sciencesoft Update - Issue 7, November 2013

Lindsay Wood

Mega grids in milliseconds

With Sciencesoft’s exciting and innovative software product S3GRAF-HPG for High Performance Grids, the data loading bottleneck has been well and truly broken.

Over the last five years there’s been a siginificant increase in the size of both simulation models and the volume of results produced by these models.

Engineers routinely use simulation models with grid sizes exceeding 100,000 cells and restart files greater than 1GB.

Increased file size means corresponding increases in the time taken to load the models for analytical purposes. In some cases large grids and their associated results can take up to an hour to load and many reservoir engineers - fully aware that the hourglass dominates the workflow - experience issues with data loading times.

Sciencesoft’s award-winning software developers solved these time problems with the production of S3GRAF-HPG.

Engineers can now load any simulation model up to 10 million cells in size, and its associated restart and init data, in a matter of seconds. 

As a consequence of using S3GRAF-HPG engineers can now get instant access to their data and screen their results on demand.  Productivity is substantially boosted and the time-saving benefits (illustrated in the above graphic) speak for themselves.

For more information click here.

Ladybird Foundation challenge raises more than €110k

Ladybird Foundation pictureSciencesoft has committed to supporting the Malta-based children's charity The Ladybird Foundation in 2012 and 2013, as one of the key sponsors.

This year we've sponsored The Nivea 5x4 Challenge, the charity's major fundraising event, which saw teams of five participants complete various sporting challenges.

The event has raised more than €110,000 with more donations on the way.






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